Core business values

Our business values, which we set out here, are the foundation of our approach to work. These values will guide staff in the delivery of their work and helps them recognise the contribution they make. We will

  • Lead by example 
  • Act with integrity through adhering to ethical standards, honesty and fairness in all that we do 
  • Treat all customers, third party clients and colleagues with respect and courtesy 
  • Respect and accept differences in others and work together as a team to build a diverse workforce 
  • Strive to improve standards for our customers and deliver a zero defect product 
  • Be open to learning in our work and make continuous improvements to the works and services we deliver 
  • Develop a highly motivated and skilled workforce 
  • Deliver the best service for the customer and complete projects on time 
  • Deliver value for money 
  • Be aware of how our business impacts on the environment and take measures to ensure environmental sustainability 
  • Be socially responsible